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    Self Storage Units at 3945 Pensacola St Tallahassee, FL 32304

    (850) 575-4444
    Low price, safe, secure and clean storage.

    --Debra Rowley

    --Tiffany Irizarry

    --Akhia Richardson

    --Barbara (tyler Duval) Alberson

    --Alexis T Williams

    --Ernie (sean) E Sample

    --Roger Fagan

    Very easy to secure a unit via website.

    --Celia Fiorello

    --Jesse Fiorello

    --Paul (emily) K Melcher

    --Thomas Pickering

    --Tracy (nathan D'Ambrosia) Prickett

    --Robert Stoica

    --Allen Haynes

    Quality at affordable prices

    --Tasha Park

    Friendly staff

    --Teresa Ramsook

    Useful. I've used them more than once.

    --Joanna Winters

    --Terry ?

    --Brenda Register

    friendly and helpful folks, reasonable rates, conveniently located

    --Elizabeth Horvath

    --Amma TheMama

    I absolutely love Debra. 5 stars to her.

    --Kendra Petzoldt

    The people who run it have always been amazing.

    --Kimberly Barcomb

    Highlights- •Safe •Delivery friendly- They accept deliveries for you and put it in your storage unit!! •24 HOUR ACCESS!! (Praise!!) •Great prices •Clean It's kind of funny to read some of the negative reviews.. I've rented from The Storage Zone for over two years straight between my last job for inventory storage and my current job using two separate units. The price is great, it's close to my accounts and my house, so it's easy to drop by and it has 24 hour access. I tend to work late at night, so being able to drop by whenever is a HUGE perk. There's really not many places in town that're 24 hours and accept deliveries. (UPS, FED EX, etc- They sign for your delivery and put it in your storage unit for you) Hallelujah! You businesses with multiple deliveries at various times and days know exactly how I feel! I've never had an issue with any deliveries between either of my units in the past two years either. Mrs. Debrah is great! I do see how people can say she's a bit strict, but she is very protective of the storage units and makes a conscious effort to get to know everyone and know what is going on at all times. She knows who's coming and going and makes sure the units and the property is safe. People are not allowed to linger around units or stay extended periods of time, especially late at night. That is a safety feature that I appreciate and value since I tend to come late at night before work. They also do nightly walk arounds and have cameras on the units. If something looks out of place and/or she doesn't know you, I don't doubt she's questioned people why they're hanging around and kicked people out! That's her job! There's a homeless shelter a few blocks away and they do tend to meander to local businesses nearby- that is why the gates are always locked and they do multiple walk arounds. To the negative review that she 'wrongfully accused people of smoking weed and kicked them out for no reason' - good. Not sure what unit it was, but there was one 'music studio' that did have people hanging around doing who knows what at random times so there's your prime example of her zero tolerance policy. Not sure why they even rented at a storage facility to begin with, but again lingering people aren't allowed (duh). Storage units are meant for come and go traffic. There are a couple units that people have rented out to play music in their band (I actually like it when they're playing while I'm there!), so they definitely do accommodate people, but like any business there are rules. Usually by 10:30 they have to stop playing/ not hanging around the unit. Again, that is for everyone's safety... Abide by the rules and you're good... but then again, I use my unit for work, so I don't have any issues with the rules. I usually stop by to grab stuff and leave right after. I also made an effort to get to know the office staff when I first got my unit. I say hi when I see them and wave when they're busy. They tell everyone if they see anything suspicious to report it to them. If multiple people are complaining about a unit they are warned, and if issues continue, they're evicted. They don't put up with nonsense, and I appreciate it! They want a safe environment for all their tenants even if it costs them the loss of a unit. Thank you for everything you do!

    --Rosie McDavid


    --Mercedez Lee

    I never rented anywhere other than morning star storage until I experienced renting from storage zone. Access anytime is a must for me. Cleanliness is perfect. Since the first day i haven't experience any major problems other than a simple leak which was not ignored. The staff handled it right away. They were very polite as usual.

    --Virtuous_Woman Keys

    Great people ,convenient location great price


    Deb at the desk very helpful, best storage unit I've rented

    --Doug Keller

    I've been very happy with my experience storing my boat with Debra and Larry for the last two years. They have always been super friendly, helpful and easy to work with. They communicate well with monthly updates to security information and billing transactions. I would recommend Storage Zone Pensacola St to anyone in need for off-site storage.

    --John Nixon

    Really happy with the price and the people there. Larry and debrah are real honest tally folk

    --Allie reynolds

    Clean, secure and great service. Recommend if you're a business looking for storage in the Tallahassee area.

    --David Poser

    Isn;t it funny that a reputable business gets negative reveiws for simply doing there job.Two of my daughters in the last two years have rented at Storage Zone at West Pensacola location,and we have always had an excellant experince with the managers.I know for a fact that this facility is safe and secure and many of my friends children that go to FSU also use this storage facility.I highly recommebd thie storage facility and the managers.

    --katherine mckee

    I've actually had great experience here. We've had a unit for over a year and the new management company has really been good.

    --Elizabeth Harper

    They made my storage rental experience really easy. I had access to my stuff any time I needed to get in, and I always felt safe no matter what time of day. It I was late they were prompt to let me know before it became a problem, and helped me work out a payment to bring it up to date. I have been a renter before this time at this location and am well pleased with both experiences!

    --Mallory Kaelin

    Ariel View of Facility Storage Zone Signage Clean & Maintained Facility Exterior View of Office Paved Driveway Boat & RV parking Paved Driveway Exterior View of Units Exterior Units Ample Drive In Space
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    3945 Pensacola St
    Tallahassee, FL 32304
    Google My Business logo (850) 575-4444 Email

    Office Hours Mon-Fri: 9:00AM-5:00PM
    Sat: 9:00AM-1:00PM
    Sun: Closed
    Gate Hours 24/7
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    • Secure Units
    • Drive-up Access
    • RV, Car, Boat Parking
    • Business Center
    • Online Bill Pay
    • 24-Hour Access
    • Boxes & Supplies
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    • Ground Floor
    • Electricity
    $50 Reserve
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    $62 Reserve
    • Ground Floor
    $67 Reserve
    • Ground Floor
    • Electricity
    $77 Reserve
    • Ground Floor
    • Electricity
    $80 Reserve
    • Ground Floor
    $80 Reserve
    • Ground Floor
    • Electricity
    $87 Reserve
    • Ground Floor
    • Electricity
    $125 Reserve
    • Ground Floor
    • Electricity
    $131 Reserve
    • Ground Floor
    • Electricity
    $285 Reserve
    • Parking
    $69 Reserve
    • Ground Floor
    $99 Reserve

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    Self Storage in Tallahassee, FL

    Storage Zone on Pensacola Street in Tallahassee is the self storage facility closest to the FSU, FAMU, and TCC campuses – we’re right across the street from Tallahassee Community College, and FSU is right down the street!

    We offer affordable drive-up storage units with month-to-month leasing, guaranteed low rates, and discounts for active students, military personnel, and seniors. Workshops, hobby shops, and band practice units also available. We never require expensive add-ons such as required insurance or lock purchase, plus we'll reward you when you refer a friend or family member to our facility.

    With spaces ranging from 6x6 to 20x24 and outdoor boat, car, and RV parking, we offer the most expansive array of storage units in the area! Our facility is well lit with perimeter fencing and 24/7 surveillance cameras for optimal protection. Our manager also lives onsite as an extra set of eyes on the property. Stop by today to meet our friendly staff members who will be more than happy to give you a tour of our facility today!

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